Youth Work Week 2021

This year, Youth Work Week will be held in week 41, i.e. 11–17 October 2021. The week highlights the valuable work done for the good of young people by youth workers, non-profit organisations, municipalities and parishes across the country. We encourage local actors, municipalities, non-profit organisations and young people to also hold their own campaigns, theme days and events to celebrate youth work.

This year, Youth Work Week’s theme is well-being in the youth sector.

We will be organising more themed events and webinars than before, which can be participated in (remotely) on every weekday during the week. You can find the international programme on this page. The entire programme can be viewed on the Finnish-language page. 

During Youth Work Week, we will draw attention to facts about how people in the youth sector are feeling right now. Youth Work Week’s programme also supports promoting well-being in one’s own work or volunteer groups.

As in previous years, we will also be publishing a wide range of materials to be posted on social media during Youth Work Week.

Welcome to Youth Work Week 2021!

International programe
Youth Work Week 2021:

Friday 15th of October
13.00-14.00 Finnish time (12.00-13.00 CET)

Webinar: How is youth work coping in other parts of Europe?

How is the international youth work doing? What kind of things have been on the agenda in different countries during the last 18 months, and how has the Corona pandemia affected the youth work? How are the youth workers getting along  and what are the feelings of young people all over Europe?

We have three international guests to tell about this: Sarah Paterson (YouthLink Scotland), Giovanni Maccione (Eurodesk Italy) and Eva Reina (European Youth Information and Counselling Agency ERYICA).

You are warmly welcome to join us! 

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Jarkko Lehikoinen
Specialist, international affairs
E-mail: jarkko.lehikoinen@ainomaija-mikolaalli-fi
Tel: +358 40 900 4876

Minna Jauho
Producer / Youth Work Week 2021
Tel: +358 44 7229356

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