Principles of safer premises

The Allianssi operation is an area that is free of discrimination. We want every participant to have the same opportunities to participate and be treated in an equal way, regardless of their background. The objectives of open interaction, learning and encounters are better achieved when everyone is respected for who they are, and no one has to fear suffering any degree of discrimination or harassment. Therefore, we ask participants to follow the following principles, which are designed to improve the safety of the environment for everyone, regardless of their background.

Principles of safer premises:

Be open. Approach new topics and people in an open-minded manner, take every emerging issue and situation as an opportunity to learn new things and develop. 

Respect. Give others space, pay attention to your choice of words and keep in mind the diversity of the event participants. 

Don’t assume. Respect everyone’s self-determination and do not make assumptions about, for example, the gender, background, or family relationships of others. 

Involvement. If you witness any form of harassment or other inappropriate treatment, do not remain an observer. 

Encourage. Take responsibility for the experience of other participants as well. Listen and encourage.

Relax. Confusion and questioning is allowed.

Harassment is an undignified behaviour based on a person’s individual characteristics and qualities. Harassment may be racist or other hate speech directed against a certain group, as well as inappropriate or discriminatory treatment. Sexual harassment is a verbal, non-verbal, or physical undesired sexual behaviour that violates a person’s mental or physical integrity. It is the task of everyone to intervene in the event of discrimination, harassment and inappropriate treatment.

How to act if you experience harrasment or other antisocial behaviour

If you are subjected to harassment at the event, first try to talk to the person who you think has displayed such behaviour. If you are unable to do such or the matter remains unresolved through speaking, you may contact an event harassment officer. 

The task of a harassment officer is to advise, support and assist the participants at the event. A harassment officer is not a judge and will never take action without the permission of the person concerned. Discussions with a harassment officer are always confidential. Harassment officers are trained volunteers and private rooms are provided for face-to-face conversations.

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